General Industries

HMH works with a wide range of industries. Here we present just some of the industries that we are heavily involved in. As you will see we have experience in many different fields, and we are sure that we will be able to help you out no matter what industry you are in.

Construction - HMH understand the demands of the construction industry. From our chain and lever blocks lifting concrete slabs and heavy steel structures on worksites, to customised chain, web and round slings to haul heavy product meters up the side of a building we provide the solution. Our height and safety product – care of our Petzl and Singing Rock agencies – provides the ideal solution when construction workers are scaling building sites. Often heavy duty cranes silhouette the horizon and HMH have heavy duty pulley blocks, special non-rotating wire rope, and 225 Tonne swaging machine to customise 22 mm wire rope for a cranes requirements.  We work closely with crane companies.

Engineering - Most engineers – who are lifting and modifying all manner of steel and metal, require electric hoists rated up to 5 Ton Working Load Limit.   With the growing demand for seismic strengthening, structural steel strengthening requires substantial handling equipment – of which HMH is the one stop shop.  Again the requirements of Engineers are wide and varied – so we work in closely with what they need.

Civil Engineers – Piling and Drilling Drilling into the earth is a challenging task – wire rope and an array of connecting equipment is critical.  It could be heavy duty wire rope, with top spec Van Beest green pin shackles, or 100 grade Gunnebo attachments that ensure the best product is used on site. HMH have provided a range of product For Example we provided special lifting equipment to assist helicopters hauling drilling equipment out of the Papuan Jungle.  HMH not only made the 4 leg wire rope slings to lift the equipment out of the jungle, it had to encase the wire rope with bright protective product (in this case yellow), so that when the Helicopter dragged it out of through the jungle, it could be seen. Port companies HMH have provided large wire and fibre rope to the Port Industry, as they have a demand for high spec heavy and industrial product. We make up heavy duty spliced rope and an array of shackles so big that when viewed in person they are scary!

Contractors - We just love contractors as they have such a multitude of issues we can satisfy and solve, starting with the good old basic 16 mm wire rope swaged with a hard eye and a dirty old shackle chucked on one end!  What’s fascinating is that their requirements change by the day.  Sewerage plants, small bridges, laying out the cable to give us quick broadband (quick on line coverage of an ALL Black game!).  Or moving mountains of dirt for a subdivision or the new highway.

Forestry – wood milling The forestry sector demands big wire rope and we can supply from 13 mm to 22 mm rope with nice soft eyes (as loggers smash the dainty hard eyed wire rope). We’ll cut it to any length and ensure it fits any winch type contraption you are working with.  We can also supply a range of forestry products from Cant Hooks to wood saws.  We’re just a call away.

Arborists -We can supply special Arborists rope (e.g. Special Blue Arbor rope).  Add in the array of high specked height and safety product we are your one-stop-shop for the tree felling and management industries.

Film, and Audio entertainment - This exciting industry demands a prompt and efficient service. With major amounts of money being chewed up on set, when a request comes in for rope or web slings; HMH leaps into action. Lighting crews may require meters of sash cord, shackles and eye bolts; all rigged with swaged wire rope to keep lighting rigs suspended nice and high. Major audio set ups, whether big or small, come to HMH for their rigging requirements, and specially designed strops to lift massive audio set ups.  We have helped Peter Jackson on the Hobbit and Lord of the rings and was a key supplier to Western Audio who’s audio expertise helped Robert Plant and Wilco on their gigs.  We like to think we ROCK! Circus props and theatre displays The degree of expertise in the circus today is astounding and way beyond the red nose standard trapeze show of yesterday.  We work closely with leading circus directors providing the usual array of kit, like delicate 6mm stainless wire rope to prop up a startling glittering display.

Seismic Strengthening - As earthquakes have been riveted in our subconscious care of Christchurch – the earthquake strengthening industry, with much structural steel engineering, has become a growing facet of our industry. We have been testing specially designed seismic unit constraints.  For example: Disaster Prepare Limited released products that are leading the industry and we are happy to teat them before they a released to market.

Transport restraints - HMH have a range of well priced options especially ratchet load binders, and the wonderful max load binder – a manual ratchet binder for 8 mm chain.  We can also source strengthen webbing for load binders which could be the long term savour for the transport industry who go through standard ratchet load binders like cups of tea.