About Howard Material Handling - The history of HMH

Howard Material Handling (HMH) began in 1986 when Errol, while working for Titan Material Handling, was made aware his division was to be closed. Literally, as the door closed on Titan Material Handling, the opportunity arose to establish HMH and a short five weeks later it was open for trading.

Errol utilised his understanding of the material handling business, which is known for its wide array of products and unique solutions for customers. The husband and Wife team of Errol and Gill were definitely savvy in seizing their opportunity to set up a business combining their knowledge and confidence in running their own business, and have kept customers satisfied 25 years later.

At the passing of the mantle there was some good sage advice from the previous owners the top pieces of advice Errol would pass onto the new owner Byron Cummins and team:- “Become fully aware of the product lines sold; while learning as much as possible about the product lines available. Understand that customer service is the top priority. And pay creditors on the due date”.

And the best advice to keeping a business ticking over according to Gill? “Consistency is the key — as we have always been there for our customers. You should also maintain consistent pricing for as long as possible.” HMH have also made an effort to respond to customer requests for new product lines, and maintaining good stocks of popular products. As Errol states: “if you don’t have the product you can’t sell it.”

One of the biggest challenges for Errol and Gill had been that with minimum staff they have had limited opportunity to have time away from the business. “We were always very aware that if they were not open for business customers could go elsewhere. If they don’t buy an HMH solution, they will buy it from somebody else and with plenty of big corporate competition in the region that remains a reality. “That’s the biggest challenge of working in your own business — the total commitment to being available during working hours and dedication to the customer. The new team at HMH Ltd are very proud a few years on to say that this tradition and level of customer service has not waned at all and we get many compliments on being a great and friendly place to get looked after — “if you need it go to HMH they told me”! We are very pleased that this is a common statement!

So the fantastic tradition continues and even bigger and brighter changes are planned — new systems to improve customer service and satisfaction have been implemented — updates made to invoice procedure and a clean green aim to minimise paper waste and use electronic invoicing. Fantastic new lines and services are being introduced including the use of the latest in world standard of RFID tagging for all our compliance testing for traceability of assets, new agencies taken on expanding our range of winches with 4WD Winches and accessories from IRONMAN, the best quality for the trade vehicles with roof rack systems and accessories from RHINORACK – all this gear we can easily and quickly install for the customer.

Along with our main core lines of CHAIN AND RIGGING equipment we are bringing in top quality brands such as GUNNEBO & YOKE chain fittings or ELEPHANT LIFTSAFE for lifting gear, all the way through to PETZLQSI and SINGING ROCK for height safety equipment. Quality is the key to safety and endurance and we continue the tradition of providing the best product for the job with sound and good advice to keep our customers safe and successful in their own workplaces under the guidance of our regulatory body LEENZ — Lifting Equipment Engineers NZ of which we are a full member.

Due to the quality of goods and services provided HMH Ltd are proud suppliers to : The Life Flight Trust — testing and certifying all their rescue equipment we are also a community partner with them sponsoring a rescue mission every year, NZ Defence force from winches and ropes for the LAVs to Swivel assemblies for the new Helicopters, NZ Police rescue — winches and ropes along with certification for their recovery gear to give an idea of the quality and respect our products and services have attained.

So in summary “It’s a great little business — and if it ain’t broken there’s no need to fix it”. But we have sharpened the team and systems to ensured continued growth and service to all our clientele — come on in and see what you might need! We love to help solve an issue or simply provide you the gear that’s best for you!

Managing Director of Howard Material Handling Ltd (HMH), Byron Cummins has built on the comprehensive experience of founding owner of HMH Errol Howard. Byron has extensive experience in the Health and Safety sector having worked for one of the major suppliers for 10 years and running his own consultancy business helping sort the issues and polices for many different commercial sectors within the commercial construction industry including roofing, engineering, technical liquid applied products and membranes as well as earth-moving machinery while setting up the lower north island for Doosan construction equipment selling, large scale diggers, loaders and roller machines.

Byron’s passion for customer service saw him wanting to be further involved and buy a company and build on its customer service and supply the right product for the job at a fair price. Byron is very community minded and HMH Ltd supports the Life Flight trust with testing and compliance services as well as ongoing yearly donations to the flight missions as we as helping out with a few local community organisations in his spare time.